Hello World!

So here it is, the quintissential “hello world” blog post. Every blog needs one, and I expect that this will be the only post available for quite some time. At least until I think of something worth writing about.

This site is built (obviously, if you take a look at the footer) using Hugo & Coder. I have dabbled before with static site generators in the past, but Hugo is the only one that I have really stuck with. There are a huge number of (actually quite decent) themes available, and the configuration/post generation is excellent.

I have bounced around between hosting solutions as well. The first iteration of my personal site was hosted at a web-hosting reseller owned by a friend of mine. When he decided to shut down I moved it over to GitHub pages. Eventually my need to tinker lead me to move it to AWS, using S3 for storage, Cloudfront as a CDN (and for my HTTPS cert) and Route 53 for DNS. A few months later I moved back to GitHub pages (AWS was really using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut) and finally, I moved to FastMail.

I have used GSuite (previously Google Apps for Business) for a few years for my email hosting. However, I recently decided to migrate all my personal email to a new provider, and after much reading of blog posts, HackerNews posts and Reddit threads, I settled on FastMail. I have been really happy with their service so far, and I was also really happy to see that they also offer basic web hosting, and also support LetsEncrypt for providing SSL certificates on custom domains. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a decent email provider that isn’t owned by Google.