Back to AWS (again)

A while ago I wrote a small blog post talking about moving this site from AWS to GitHub Pages, and then to Fastmail.

Unfortunately, my need to tinker with things has (again) moved me back to AWS, though for good reason this time: I discovered their AWS Amplify product. Amplify supports Hugo by default (excellent!) and makes it super easy for me to build and deploy new versions of this site. The HTTPS and Cloudfront support is just the icing on the cake.

Amplify is pretty much replicating GitHub Pages functionality for me. It hooks into the GitHub repo for this site, and invokes Hugo to rebuild it every time a commit is made to a branch of my choosing. It then pushes the resulting artifact to cloud storage, and serves it, all within a minute or two.

It did require a bit of DNS fiddling to making things work, mainly because CloudFront doesn’t support ALIAS records (apparently not the same as CNAME records) - meaning that I also needed to move my domain to Route53 to make everything work again. I’m not massively chuffed with needing to pay for DNS (even if it is nominally 0.50USD per month), but I’ll worry about fixing that up later.

For now, Amplify is proving an excellent shiny new toy for me.