About Matt

I am a software engineer, nerd, and British immigrant currently residing in Amsterdam, NL. I am originally from Liverpool, UK.

After 5 years writing code and delivering software projects within the Home Automation/Custom Installation industry, I moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands in order to return to academia and obtain a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.

Following the completion of my MSc, I joined the team at OBI4wan as a back-end engineer, working on back end feature implementations for their products and services, as well as DevOps for the OBI4wan software stack - maintaining the systems that process data at the Terabyte level for over 1000 business customers. OBI4wan offers user friendly solutions for online and offline media monitoring, webcare, chatbots and media insights.

I thrive on solving problems of the programming variety.

I have considerable experience writing software in a number of languages (including several custom integration DSLs) but I am currently focussing on back-end web application development in Python, using Django and Django Rest Framework. I have delivered projects on a scale ranging from small applications for my own use, to large commercial software packages and projects for both private individuals and multinational businesses - both in the UK and abroad.

Away from the keyboard, I have an interest in history (with a particular focus on WW2), aviation, and politics.

I speak English (natively) and Dutch (reasonably well - CEFR B1 level). I prefer initial contact to be made in English where possible.